Services By Rizzo & Wiegering Chiropractic

Services for the Entire Family at Rizzo & Wiegering Chiropractic in Altoona, PA

The Rizzo & Wiegering Chiropractic office in Altoona, PA offers services for the entire family. We are a full-service facility and have a wide variety of chiropractic and alternative therapies, along with comprehensive products to offer our clients.

Rizzo & Wiegering Chiropractic office offers a variety of spinal manipulation techniques, which include:

  • Activator
  • Diversified
  • Drop
  • Gonstead
  • Nimmo
  • Toggle
  • Trigger Points

Digital X-rays of the spine and extremities are also part of what patients may expect at our office if their condition necessitates a deeper look. These are obtained to investigate serious spine and extremity conditions, as well as contraindications for manipulation techniques or the need for referral.

Rizzo & Wiegering may implement a variety of Adjunctive Therapy techniques, which include:

  • Cervical distraction traction to relieve and separate compressed neck joints.
  • Electrical stimulation to relieve pain and swelling to soft tissues.
  • Ice therapy to relieve pain and swelling to soft tissues.
  • Lumbar distraction traction to relieve and separate compressed low back joints.
  • Ultrasound to relieve pain and micro massage out edema in injured soft tissue.

Our spinal and joint rehabilitation includes:

  • Cervical four-way neck exercises
  • Home Care exercise instructions
  • Lumbar Strive exercises
  • Theraband® exercises
  • Thoracic row and pull down exercises

Nutritional evaluation and counseling with supplements from:

  • Anabolic Labs
  • Douglas Labs
  • Metagenics
  • Science Based Nutrition
  • Standard Process
  • Vitaminerals

DoTerra® Essential Oils are also utilized in a variety of aromatherapy applications.

Experienced Chiropractic Care with Rizzo & Wiegering

We also offer Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation/Massage (IASTM) with Graston and M2T Blade, to help reach and release some of the most stubborn pain-causing adhesions that can accumulate in the connective tissue in various parts of the body. Under the proper chiropractic care, patients can look forward to enjoying a combination of positive outcomes.

Individual results may vary, of course; however, healthy results are usually derived from better balance within the spinal structure and the working relationship with other areas of the body. Improvement may be achieved through any number of these appropriate therapies. Used alone or in conjunction, Rizzo & Wiegering Chiropractic is able to offer many possibilities for Alternative Health Care options for better health to our patients.

Join our over 30 years of success in achieving improved wellness by contacting our office today for an appointment. We appreciate the opportunity to offer our patients a greater standard of care when it comes to chiropractic health.